7.0million kilos on offer met less demand and mostly easier. Best Western BOPs few select invoices appreciated while majority declined Rs30 and more following quality; teas in the below best category declined Rs20-30 while plainer sorts declined Rs40. Nuwara Eliyas were barely steady while Uva/Udapussellawas were irregular and mostly tended easier. Western BOPFs teas in the best and below best categories declined Rs20-30 and more following quality; plainer clean leaf teas which commenced firm, weakened towards the close. Nuwara Eliyas were Rs20 lower while Udapussellawas were firm and Rs10-20 dearer. Uvas select invoices were firm while others were Rs20-30 easier. The Low Growns were generally irregularly lower. There was fair demand from shippers to CIS, Turkey and Iraq.

Auction quotations in Rupees per Kg                                      BOP                                                        BOPF


Better Western High Grown                                 500.00 670.00                      500.00 610.00                                                     

Uva / Udapussellawas                                          410.00 560.00                      420.00 530.00     

Good Medium                                                        550.00 760.00                      420.00 480.00     

Low Medium                                                           430.00 480.00                      385.00 415.00




CTC met good demand. Assams showing seasonal improvement were fully firm to dearer with liquoring teas appreciating strongly. Orthodox select few tippy Whole Leaf and Brokens on offer absorbed at lower levels compared to last year while clean well made Whole leaf Brokens and leafy Fannings showing an improvement in quality were firm to occasionally dearer; remainder Whole leaf, Brokens and Fannings were irregular around last and at times tended lower. Secondaries were irregularly lower with some withdrawals. In the Dust sale teas showing seasonal improvement in quality appreciated while remainder particularly browner sorts with fibre were steady following quality.


There was fair demand. A few well made Brokens were mostly easier while medium varieties met less demand and declined by Tk57 with several withdrawals; plainer Brokens were mostly difficult of sale and there were several withdrawals except the poorest which met with some interest. A few improved liquoring Fannings met good demand and were fairly firm to slightly dearer while mediums were irregular with several withdrawals in this category; plainer types continued difficult of sale and registered a sharper drop in price. CTC DUST select few lines of best liquoring teas met good competition and were dearer by Tk2-4 while good and mediums types eased by uptoTk10; plainer and BLF categories were steady to easier with fair withdrawals.



Fair demand. Orthodox select best Nilgiris were lower with quality while mediums followed a similar trend; heavy withdrawals on poor leaf appearance teas. Fannings were lower. CTC all varieties were irregularly lower. Less demand in the Dust sale. Good and popular marks were easier by Rs2-4 following quality with mediums following a similar trend; plainer sorts were irregular and easier by Rs2 and at times more with some withdrawals in all categories.




Strong demand for best and good sorts. Teas showing seasonal improvement appreciated with competition and were firm to dearer.  The Dust sale opened to good demand. Good and best sorts were firm to occasionally dearer while cleaner mediums were steady.



Report not received.


There was less and selective demand at firm to easier rates following quality for the 5,720 packages on offer. BP1 were taken out under bids while PF1 met fair demand at firm to easier levels following quality. The few available PF1SC tended easier. PD met selective interest at easier rates and prices declined by 5USC where sold; D1 were irregular. Secondary teas were absorbed at firm rates.


Fair demand following quality for the 8,400 packages on offer. Java Orthodox BOP/BOPF/BT were around last levels while Java CTC BP1/PF1/DUST/D2 held fully firm when sold while better/best PD/FNGS gained by 4-8cts with good mediums declining by up to 23cts. Sumatra BOP/BOPF appreciated by 2-3cts when sold while PF/DUST/BT were firm to 2cts easier.